Prison Break


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Wake up, Pete! Get up!
There was both a sense of urgency and comfort in this voice
As the bearer stirred me from slumber

Still lying down, I turned and looked at him
Since it wasn’t a familiar voice, but was drawn to it
He stood tall and his gait graceful like a warrior

He said, “Put on your garments, grab your cloak and follow me.”
As I stood up the shackles fell off on their own accord
And I did as instructed

Kept on wondering to myself
Why were those sleeping in my cell were not hearing his voice
Cos He never spoke in hush tones but confidently

Then, I realized that he was the Angel of the Lord
The Lord has sent help
And answered the prayers of my brethren

How did I get to this point?
Why would a man who walked and believes so much in Christ be in prison?
Chained to two soldiers and a squad of 16-man to watch me closely

Am I now a dangerous criminal with the ability to break jail?
A threat to King Herod Agrippa?
Or the whole region of Judea?

Though a few days ago, the King had killed one of my brethren
During the Passover week, there was sudden commotion in the temple
Soldiers had invaded looking for someone, not knowing it was me

In a short while, I was found out and arrested
Led away in chains as people stood aside in clusters
Speaking in hushed tones while some women wept quietly

On getting to the prison, I was stripped of my garments and cloak
Given the prisoners’ wear and chained in between two soldiers
Nevertheless, I had this unwavering peace that the Master gives

Bringing us back to now
I followed the angel as we walked out of prison
Passed the first and second guards but none noticed us

When got to the city gates, swung opened before us
Of its own accord to herald our presence
But none of did the gatekeepers stirred

I thought it was all a dream as I followed him
Maybe Master was showing me how he was going to help me get out
The further we walked into the city, I dawned on me that it was real

The Angel left me as I stood in awe on the paved street
Master has planned and executed a Prison Break for me
He truly cares! He delivers from the snares of the enemy!


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