God, a Father and Mother


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Last night I got back home from work really sick but thank God for a caring husband that nursed me back to health. After taking some OTC medications, I slept off.
At past 1 am in the middle of the night, our older son climbed into our bed to request for a midnight meal. I got up to make some cereal for him.

Unfortunately, we had used up the water in the thermos flask during the day, so I had to boil some water. While we waiting for the water to boil, we sat at the dining table having a small talk. There was not so much to remember about the chat but ours hearts connected and it was a precious “mother and son” moment to us both. In response, I said with thanksgiving in my heart, “I am a blessed woman.”

The whistling of the kettle distracted me for a short time. I poured the boiling water into the flask and returned to the table. As I poured the water into his cereal some splashed on him and he let out a blood-curling scream. Immediately, I took him to the kitchen and started to run the water from the tap on his arm and leg.

Panicked  a bit but there was this prevailing peace in my heart and the words came back, “You are a blessed woman irrespective what was happening now.”

We changed his pajamas, he ate a little of the cereal and we moved to the sitting area.

He handed over a book to me and requested that I fan the burning arm. The next thing he blurted out was, “Mum, I want to be a doctor.” I smiled and hugged him. Chatted a few more minutes, he used the bathroom and we laid on the bed looking at pictures on my phone. Then, he slept off. I covered him and left the bed.

It was a short memorable moment for me and it reminded me of God as a father/mother that:

  • Never takes a nap while He watches over us but He hears when we call
  • Never too tired or busy to attend to our call when we come into the throne room
  • Wants to have Father and Son/daughter moments with us
  • He is in control when things go wrong, He never cast aspersions but helps through the tough times
  • Wants to tuck us in every night as we share the last moments of the day with Him

Miraculously, I checked our son’s arm and his leg later this evening, no sign of blisters nor burns. And I said,” Thank you, Jesus.”

To all my readers out there, God is not far away. He is a father and mother! All you need to do is reach out ‘cos He waiting to share those moments with you.



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