Death in the Desert


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Credits: RGBStock images


Chief Priest Aaron died on Mount Hor some weeks back
Before his death, he was the right-hand man to Prophet that led us out of Egypt
So, we mourned for him before the camp broke

Really, this journey seems to be turning into an endless one
Cos we have been in the desert for quite sometime
Wandering from one location to another around this mountain

No grocery shopping at the mall
Nor visit to the clothes store
Same food and wears since we left the red lands

Water had become a rare gem
As we rationed the little we had
While taking a bath, an untold luxury

We were all becoming irritable
As we seem not to be getting close to our destination
But remained in the same area

A frustrated wife started to nag her husband
Like a forest fire spreading in the wild
My Kinsmen started to complain bitterly against God

No water! No food!
We are hungry and thirsty
Tired of this miserable meal called Manna

God got angry with us
He sent the slithering animals into our midst
Hissing and spitting, they evaded our camp

Then came theĀ first strike, followed by the others
One after the other, people began to stiffen and die
As cries of anguish filled the camp

Loved ones fell like cards
There was commotion everywhere
As the smell of death filled the air

No snake charmer nor doctor around
So, we ran to our only hope – the Prophet
Cos we knew our sins brought these on us

The Prophet called on the Blacksmith
A Brazen serpent was molded and casted on a pole
Erected in the middle of our camp

“Everyone who looks on it shall be saved”, He said
Word spread to everyone
And those bitten and at the verge of death were brought to it

All of a sudden, the venom had no effect
People brought in walked back to their tents
Hale and Hearty – no pain nor memories of the sting of death

The snakes left as the statue was raised
No trace of any of them
And we were saved

We named the brazen serpent Nehushtan
An edifice which became an abomination
Till it was destroyed


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