Under the Rain

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

It was a wet Sunday morning and I had run out of gift bags for the pending orders I had to deliver today, so I decided to buy some from the neighborhood store.

Stepping out of the house into the streets, I noticed the road was quite deserted though a few persons had braved the rain to attend early morning services at their respective worship centers while a couple of the business-savvy motorists moved around to make a quick early morning sale.

Nothing really fancy or attractive happening around, till I saw this boy- probably in his early teens, all tucked in wearing his Sunday’s best with a sling bag slung across his chest, strummed on an imaginary guitar and sang softly to himself under the rain as he walked to his destination. There was this peace that surrounded him as he showed no cares in the world.

I couldn’t hear the lyrics of the song but the pure delight on his face was something to pause and admire. He was joyful! I wished I could share the moment with him but it would have been unfair to interrupt his worship moments. So, I kept on.

Some few meters away from him, I met a family- a mother and her three sons- taking a brisk walk somewhere but one of the sons seemed reluctant, so, he kept some distance from the rest of the family. He had a scowl on his face and kicked around an imaginable soccer ball. I assumed he was not happy- either because his sleep was disrupted or he didn’t like where they were heading to. I just smiled at him and walked past.

On the return trip from the store, there was this well-dressed young man across the street checking his wrist watch almost every second while pacing between his door and the fence. He was anxious. Guess, he was running late while waiting for his ride.

About entering our home, I met the party gooey-eyed lady. Wearing a ripped jeans, cropped top, and her hair was disheveled, she walked with a slight stagger. She probably was coming from the clubhouse down the road. I nodded a hi to her and walked into the house.

Despite the number of people I met this morning, I couldn’t get that boy out of mind. He made a lasting impression. And I quietly sought that joy he had.

A joy that allows me to sing in the:

  • dripping rain of life challenges without a cover
  • moments of unmet expectations
  • tough times

And helps me to be full of thanks to Him who reigns over the affair of men.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Am equally full of thanks to my maker too…….Must admit, lovely write up Anu


    1. anu says:

      Thank you Babatunde


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