Raising the Mainsail

1 Cor. 15:45 So also it is written, "The first man, Adam, became a living soul"; the last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.
photo credits: agodman.com


Well, this is quite different from my regular write ups but it is a truth that needs to be shared with everyone.

I’ve heard and read quite a number of stories on midlife crisis and as I approach my mid-thirties, I started to ask some questions and ponder on who am I, what was I made for, decisions to make, where am supposed to be and so on. Not that I was doing bad – a caring and loving husband with two bundles of joy and a comfortable life.

I didn’t want to measure my progress in life by both what colleagues and friends were doing and the world standard, decided to wait on God and search the scriptures for answers.

The Holy Spirit led me to the book of Romans.

I must mention that before any assessment, it is important that those who have called on the name of Jesus to understand who they are, what they have and their place in Him. And those who have not, come to acknowledge by faith the sacrifice of Jesus for their sins and his resurrection for their justification (be made right with God).

What is this Truth?

  • My sins are forgiven 3:22
  • I’ve made right with God – declared righteous 3:22, 4:25,5:1
  • I’ve peace with God 5:1
  • I’ve been brought to the place of highest privilege – I’ve access to God 5:2
  • I’m confidently and joyfully looking forward to sharing God’s glory 5:2
  • I’ve received the Holy Spirit and He fills my heart with God’s love 5:5
  • The sacrifice of Jesus shows and helps me to understand how great God’s love me is – Christ died for me while I was a sinner 5:8
  • I’m no longer afraid of God’s judgment. I’ve been saved from it 5:9
  • I’ve been restored to friendship with God – I’m God’s friend 5:10,11

This means I am not drifting on the sea of life. My life is anchored to the One who owns the compass. He measured the depth of the sea, set the boundaries and filled it with living creatures. Thus, I rest in Him!

If this is the reality of who I am in Christ Jesus, why do I go through challenges? Why does it feel I am all alone in this world? At times, it seems I’m not sure of what am doing.

My dear, it’s pertinent that you and I know that challenges are good for us. Hold on a little longer. Challenges help us learn to endure. This endurance produces strength of character in us. This character strengths our confident expectation of salvation and this expectation called Hope never disappoints.

Be rest assured you are the in the best place you were set to be at this time. Stop doubting and comparing yourself to other people.


I believe in you Jesus to take away my sins. I believe that You took the punishments meant for me from my sins and satisfied God’s anger against me.
Therefore, I have been made right in God’s sight. I’m no longer condemned. God loves me and his arms and heart are opened towards me.
So, I can trust Him with my life and all things that concern me. And He would give me directions for life.

P.S: All bible references were from the New Living Translation and the book of



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