A Miner’s Salvation Story


Image result for underground quarry
Photo credits: 28dayslater.co.uk

At the crack of dawn
We rose from our makeshift beds
Armed with our pickaxes and shovels
Headed to the quarry for the day’s job

Lyrics engraved in our hearts
Sang the miners’ anthem
As we marched on shoulder to shoulder
To the source of our daily wage

In the “Shoofly” was this Uncommonly stone
We walked past daily
Something about it – not its shape nor size
But couldn’t place it

A glance from a distance, it had an indescribable glow
On a closer look, it felt awkwardly out of place
We overlooked it
Never considered it an option any time

Years rolled by
Deeper we dug into the belly of the Earth
Made choices from the other seemingly perfect ones
While we ignored it

Till an unusual order was placed
We offered many
All were rejected, called cast offs
Cos they were never a good fit for the center place

One day, the “Johnny Newcome” amongst us suggested it
We cracked some jokes
Laughed it off
And kept on with our search

Not a ray of hope in sight
So, frustration began to set in
As we wanted to break our pick
For this elusive perfect one

We decided to give the initial option a trial
At least we’ve had a couple of rejection
This won’t make our situation worse
So, the task was set to the close of work not to waste the day’s strength

At the first strike, the rock came loose
Quite unusual!
Hauling it to the surface with the Mule was effortless
For a group of tired and worn out miners

Immediately, it got to the surface
Its radiance shone with a brilliant sparkle
Jokes gradually ceased
As we pondered at such wonder

Set out to deliver this astounding piece
As soon as the wealthy Lord beheld it from a distance
He began to rejoice
What a masterpiece! He exclaimed

His joy knew no bounds
For a great treasure has been found
As our rejected stone had become the cornerstone
For the Mansion on the Hill



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fab says:

    Good flow, enjoyable read


    1. anu says:

      Glad you did enjoyed it. Thank you


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