More Sons…


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There He stood without a hint of His true identity
We could not tell how great His Majesty was
Neither decipher the extent of His rule
Nor fathom how beautiful and strong His servants were
And His army? None could compare in valor and might

He left it all and became human
That He may bring us back home
Into the Father’s presence
He began with showing us the life we’ve been called to live
A full and graced one!

Not only did we neglect His call
We conspired to take His life

One of His close buddies was our access
We offered him what he lusted after – money
And he traded his loyalty for 30pieces of silver
Now, we have the King of Glory stand before us to be judged
Without remorse, we condemned him to death

Before His execution, we thought we could break His Spirit
A slap here, spittle there
A crown of thorns and many lashes
Not a word did He say nor cry out for help
He took it all to show how much He loved us

A prophet could have called on us a judgment of fire
Or a warrior, throw in the towel and walk away
But the Great King thought of us and kept on
Like a lamb to the slaughter, He gave all – His life
That our story would change

We couldn’t have ever imagined
Our act was an exchange – He took our place!
A new dawn is here
As many as those that believe and receive this gift
He gave them the power to become sons



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