Credits: press4truth.com

The shouts of jubilation was resounding
As I watched everyone broke into singing and dancing
Showing off what they had gotten from their long-served masters

My reticent Mum became chatty
While Pa prayed with such fervor
As neighbors gathered in clusters to share stories

Asked Mama “what are we celebrating?”
She said, “the 400-year old prophecy has been fulfilled
We are leaving the pyramid lands to the promised one”

Didn’t fully understand what she meant
But joined in singing the salvation song
As we hurriedly packed our things from the home we ever knew

Donkeys saddled, we dressed in our Sunday’s best
Started a long march into the Wilderness
Being led to an unknown destination by the pillar of cloud

Until we got to the Sea of Reeds
We broke into camps at the river’s bank
Watching and waiting for what next

A cloud of dust began to rise from afar
The war cry was heard from a distant
The ground began to quake as the Egyptian troop rode fast towards us

Saw despair in Mama’s eyes
Pa and others trembled with fear
While the children huddled together shivering from cold

Anxiety began to take a toll on us
Doubts filled our hearts
Wishing we never left but endured the old life

Just as Pharoah’s army were about to reach our camp
the ever-present cloud moved behind us
A wall of protection was up, stalled the enemies

Some measure of relief
But wondered how long this wall would hold up
The Prophet stretched his staff towards the sea

A strong Eastern wind began to blow
Mama tucked us in our cloaks as we retired for the day
While our parents kept watch and spoke in hushed tone

They hoped for a miracle
While we slept soundly in the wagon
Without any cares in the world

At the crack of dawn
We were woken with a jolt as camp broke up
Cos the unusual had happened

A well-paved road ran through!
The waters stood as walls on both sides
We saw the fish shoaling

Eye-wide opened in delight
I climbed down the wagon
Chose to participate in the walk of faith

The sight was breath-taking
All one could hear were sounds of a gentle running stream
Soothing feeling of a light evening breeze

Nothing could have been perfect
As I wished I had my board and chalk
To capture this moment

Immediately we got to the other side
The army sped into the road
Like a loose cannon set to wreak havoc

Unfortunately, the landscape began to change
Tires pulled out as chariots fell apart
Horses stumbled

Warriors became weaklings in confusion
Tried to run to safety
But the walls came crashing down

Our mouths agape
Eyes opened in awe
As we watched the battle fought and won by El-Shaddai

What a glorious exit!


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