Call of Peter

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Never had there been such a time
That a crowd would gather at Lake of Genneraset
In numbers they came to hear this Man
Bringing along their sick and oppressed ones

Well,I was not so bothered
Not after a long night of toiling without a catch
Our boats were grounded ashore, we washed our nets dejectedly
Pondering within ourselves what happened

Then, He called out to me
“I need your boat for a pulpit”, He said
Take me some distance from the pressing crowd
I would like to teach them

Willingly obliged ‘cos the boat was empty
Sat in and listened to this famed man
He taught with so much authority
His words were full of compassion and love

When He had finished with the crowd
He turned to me and said:
“Go into the deep and cast your nets”

Considering who I was
One never interested in false hope
Protested at his command

On a second thought, reluctantly obeyed
Immediately our net touched the water
I felt the tug!

Without knowing the magnitude of the catch
We started to pull up
Then, our net began to break

Hurriedly, we filled up our boat
Called on John and James to partake in the bountiful harvest
Both boats were filled with the Sun-glistering catch and began to sink

Overwhelmed by this boat-sinking miracle
The realisation of my sinful life
I fell on my knees before Him

His Grace raised me up as He reached out
Left all and followed Him
To become a fisher of men

Never wondered what happened to that catch!


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