Fishing for Taxes

It’s that time of the year to pay taxes
The master knows and he’s never caught unawares
As the tax collectors walked up to me
They asked,”Don’t the Rabbi pay the temple tax?”

“Yes, he does,” I replied
Then, I hurried home to tell Rabbi what happened at the temple
Cos I know that not paying taxes was an unpardonable crime

Before I could say a word,the Master asks,
Who do you think are levied to pay taxes?
Sons or Others?
I responded, “Others”

“Pete, go the river and catch the first fish
Open its mouth
the provision is there – for you and I!”

With a silent protest, I almost overlooked this instruction
Quietly I said, “According to you,I’m a fisher of men and not fish any more
Why the river? Why can’t we check the purse?
What if there’s no coin in the fish’s mouth?

Nevertheless, with a hook and line
I headed to the river
To bid his command

As I approached, old colleagues hailed
Wondered if I was back in business
A pat on the back, customary jokes shared
I head to the shallow waters and threw the line

It’s a tilapia!…what a regular

I took the plunge of faith
Picked the slippery piece and opened its mouth
The exact tax – four-drachma coin!

What manner of man is this?I wondered aloud!


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