King David and Mephibosheth

At the crack of dawn in Lo-debar
I sat up wrapped in my outer garment after a restless night
Reached for my crutches
As I reflected on my life

Though can’t clearly remember
Heard stories of the Battle at Mount Gilboa
Israelites fled before the Philistines
Grandpa and Pa’ fell by the sword

Tales of the new King’s ascension to the throne filtered in
With speculations that he would want to secure his reign
Would show no mercy to anyone
By killing the demise king’s heirs

Hurriedly, we packed the basic needs
We exited the palatial abode I ever knew as home

While trying to climb the surrounding hills
Nana lost her footing and we came tumbling down
My feet got twisted

Spent all we had that I may be whole again
All proved abortive

This day the course of my life changed
Downward it spiraled
No more fine robes, music, feasting and other prince’s perks
But constant hunger pangs and hiding in the dark alleys

Today, I’m living in a rundown shack at the end of town
Lame with nothing but rags
Other few hand-mes down from kind heart neighbours
And a hidden identity

Wondering what the new day held for me
Saw the dust rising from the horizon
People scampered for safety
As the King’s horsemen rode into town

They started to make enquiries about me
I cringed in fear
Wished I could sneak away but my feet would not
Hoped my neighbours would keep my identity hidden

Oh no!Someone pointed a finger at me
There’s nowhere to run or hide
Without packing my few belongings
Was carried away to the king’s presence

Clumsily, I bowed myself to the ground
Heart pumping so hard and a severe stutter
I pleaded desperately for my life
As I thought this maybe last opportunity to live

In response, the king said, ” I would take care of you
Cos of your Dad, my best friend
Today, you become one of the king’s son again
And eat at my table”

Stunned beyond words
My throat became parched, saliva dried up in my mouth
Not a word could be uttered
As I laid still and speechless from the shock of this new-found life

The king’s men picked me up
Washed and changed my garments
Placed me on an already prepared seat
As I quietly recover from this new grace I’ve received

If I said a thousand “thank you”
It would not suffice
A grateful heart would be better
For such a grace!

Two different days
My life story changed from Prince to Pauper …and back
How an ordinary day could come with so much hope
What a comfort!


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