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His fame had spread far and wide
They hoped but I prayed He would come soon
That He may make all things right
As it was reported from the neighboring towns.

Being a tax collector for the Toga-wearing Landlords
Came with all the pleasures money could buy from the illegal levies
But at a high price – lived as an outcast!
A difficult identity to live with

Grew wealthy but had no real friends nor peace of my mind
Desperately, wanted a way out-
Threw parties and drank more
None helped nor brought the much-sought relief

On this day, while sitting at my booth
People started to hurry towards the city gates
Leaving their stalls Calling out to one another

Thought a riot was about to start
So, I stepped out to assess the situation
Furthermore, I stopped a lad and asked what was going on
Bustling with so much enthusiasm, he said,’ Rabbi is in town.”

Alas! I must catch a glimpse of Him
Started to push my way through the crowd
But they didn’t bulge
Considering I was a short man and a public enemy

Suddenly, the lone Sycamore tree came to my line of sight
Ran to it and clumsily climbed up
While waiting eagerly
Just to catch a glimpse of the Rabbi

In the midst of the chaos, He stopped and looked up the tree
He called out,”Zaccheus! Zaccheus!!”
As the silence was became deafening

My heart stopped in shock
I broke out in cold sweat
“Could this be true?, I wondered
He knows my name! The Rabbi knows my name!”

In the light of this truth, I climbed down in a hurry
And we went home together
Called out to everyone on the streets:

“I’ve received mercy.
If anyone felt they had been cheated by me,
Come and receive double for it.” I cried
‘Cos His grace has found me

What a joy!


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